Integrated Management System

In ABM SOLID S.A. The Integrated Quality Management System has been developed, implemented and maintained which comprises the aspects of business operations related with construction and steel structure manufacturing activities.


Both the above-mentioned aspects and the quality objectives have been defined in the adopted Quality Policy of ABM SOLID S.A. 


The Quality Management System has been developed and implemented as the tool for implementation of this Policy. The System is outstanding for its process- and system-oriented approach to management of the Company’s operations, which we consider to be a condition of its efficiency and effectiveness.


The integrated System of Management comprises quality management, in-house control of manufacture and assembly of steel structures as well as key welding processes involved. The System complies with the following international standards:


·        ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management System (WKS Grybów, WKS Dębno)

·        PN-EN 1090-2:2012- certification of manufacturers of steel structures (WKS Grybów, WKS Dębno, RESALMET Rzeszów)

·        PN-EN ISO 3834-2 – Quality requirement with regard to welding of materials (WKS Grybów)


In order to enhance understanding of the processes taking place within the Company as well as within its surrounding a controlling system has been implemented by ABM SOLID. Based on a moderm ERP category IT system it allows the engineering staff, using the budget process, lead construction projects realizations more effectively. Furthermore, it allows the staff and the Company’s Management  to execute adequate control at every stage of works advamcement.


Politics SZJ Certificates

Quality Policy of ABM SOLID

Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Welding Qualification Certificate

The Implementation of the Certificate of Steel Bridge Construction

Certificate of Refurbishment and the Assembly of Steel Bridge Construction