Capital Group

The ABM SOLID Capital Group is a group of construction companies operating in all construction industry segments. Thanks to this it is able to provide comprehensive implementation of projects the Company participates in. Most contracts are performed by ABM SOLID on the turn-key basis (entire investment project from designing to completion and delivery for use).

Within specific segment the ABM SOLID Capital Group carries out the following types of investment:

General construction

·  industrial objects (for example buildings and productive halls, warehouse objects, production of steel constructions)

·  objects of public utility (among others sports facilities, administration, office and education buildings)

· steel structures (construction of railway and road bridges, flyovers,  footbridges, hall structures)

Residential construction

·   multi-family objects (blocks of flats)


Construction engineering


·   objects of environment protection and power industry (including plants of municipal waste treatment, sewage treatment plants, sewage systems, boiler rooms for bio-mass and alternative fuels, plants of combined production of thermal and electric energy)

·    hydrotechnical construction (including works involving regulation of the rivers, mountain streams and embankments)

·   road construction - the Company specialises in preparatory activities, i.e. works which are necessary  before laying out the final layer - asphalt. These include, first of all, earthworks, excavations and mounds, drainage and feeding canals.

Apart from the three key segments, ABM SOLID operates in the business of manufacture and assembly of steel structures.


The current composition of the ABM SOLID Group  a balanced revenues structure mitigating the effects of ups and downs in the construction market and, at the same time providing an opportunity to make use of dynamic developments in specific segments. The main source of revenues of ABM SOLID is contracts for general construction, including steel structures, engineering construction and above all - environment protection facilities, public utility as well as industrial ones. The composition of the ABM SOLID S.A. Capital Group, apart from the parent-company, includes also four subsidiaries: PRIB Ltd. (activities within the scope of general construction, roads and bridges construction, sewage and water supply networks construction, water treatment and waste water treatment plants), EB Radymno Ltd. (activities within the scope of residential and public utility construction, roof and duct slabs, concrete breezeblocks, reinforced concrete pillars and bars for infrastructure, mixed concrete and concrete mortars), ABM INVEST TARNÓW Ltd. (activities within the scope of development), TRANS SOLID Ltd. (services within the scope of transport and rental of building machines and equipment as well as waste management services).