Services bulding facilities

General Contracting of Structures:

Engineering objects

 ·        Production and storage/warehouses  halls

·         Large area logistic centre 

·         Assembly of production line – export of assembly services 


Construction of Bridges

 ·        Construction of road and railway bridges of any span

·         Construction of flyovers and footbridges for pedestrians  and  riders/drivers

·         Manufacture of bridge bearings and other bridges equipment

·         Repair and renovation of riveted structure bridges


Public utility facilities

·         Public administration building

·         Educational  and higher educational buildings

·         Buildings of health, social and welfare care

·         Sports and recreational facilities 

o    Sports and recreational swimming-pools 

o    Sports stadiums and fields 

o    Sports and entertainment halls


Residential buildings

 ·         Multi-family residential buildings, housing estates


Environment protection and energy 

·         Municipal and industrial thermal waste treatment plants  (hazardous)

·         Municipal waste recycling plants

·         Sludge processing plants

·         Combined heat and electric power generation plants

·         Boiler rooms, including biomass fueled ones

·         Municipal waste water treatment plants

·         Municipal and industrial waste landfills


Road and hydrotechnic construction

 ·         Works connected with construction, reconstruction and modernization of road infrastructure

·         Sewage and water supply networks

·         Objects: protection gates, culverts, regulatory lowerings, leak proof screens

·         Concrete, stone, wire-and-stone  reinforcements, biological conservation of ditches and drainage devices,  regulation of rivers and streams

·         Embankings modernisation

·         Renovation of anti-flood pumping stations


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