Awards and distinctions

Up to now, the Company has made several successes in its activity, confirmed by numerous prizes and distinctions received on branch fair:

  • Diploma for 3rd rank in 'Forbes Diamond 2010' in the category of large companies in Malopolska
  • Award 'The Pearl of Polish Economy' in the category 'Large Pearl' - a distinction awarded by the "Polish Market" and the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Award  'Super Business Gazelle 2009, 2008, 2007' - award for the fastest growing companies, granted by the 'Pulse of Business'.
  • Award of the Programme 'Czysty Biznes' in category 'innovations and transfer of technology for the firm ABM SOLID S.A. in Tarnow - granted on 17/11/2006
  • Award of the Minister of Building Trade 2006 for ABM Solid S.A, - the main subcontractor of the Plant of Utilization of the Wastes in Krosno
  • The Certificate of Innovations 2005 - This award was given to Firms which participated in the research programme on innovations of Polish economy; the programme conducted by The Polish Academy of science - these firms appeared for the first time on the List 500 of the enterprises orientated on the development
  • A distinction 'Gazeta Bisnesu 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003'- a distinction for dynamically developing small and medium enterprises awarded by "Puls Biznesu"(The Puis of Business)
  • Award of the Programme 'Fair Business' in the category 'Management of the Environment 2004'
  • An appointment to a reward 'Krysztalowa Brukselka' 2002 - a reward of prestige for the best participants 5 Frame Programme of the Eurpean Union - Polish participants of international Consortiums created in order to conduct definite research progressive work
  • The Pantheon of Polish Ecology 2002 - established under the auspices of the Minister of the Environment and the Chairman of The Polish Centre of Research and Certificates S.A.The prize means paying honours to Polish enterprises that have elaborated and initiated the system of environmental management according to the requirements specified by the ISQ 14001 norm
  • A distinction in a contest called 'Malopolska Nagroda Jakosci 2001' (Malopolska Quality Reward 2001), under the auspices of the Marshal of Malopolska Region
  • Gold medal for the best fair exposition - Industrial and Commercial Chamber in Tarnow, on the Expo-bud 2001 fair in Tarnow
  • A distinction 'Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Piay for the year 1999' granted by the National Economical Chamber
  • Sign 'Najwyzsza Jakosc Malopolska 1997' (the Highest Quality of Malopolska 1997) in the contest organized by The Industrial and Commercial Chamber in Tarnow