Development strategy

At present the Company is undergoing an intensive restructuring phase connected with rebuilding of its position and restoring the ability to compete in the market. ABM Solid will uphold all essential elements of quality management based on ISO 9000 standards while meeting needs of its clients. The strategic objective is to achieve a permanent ability to generate profits, increase of the company’s value and restoration of relations with stakeholders, in particular with the Company’s creditors. The sub-target is to enter a composition with the creditors allowing for  a reduction of liabilities and a possibility of direct participation in all and any procurement proceedings, including public ones, which would guarantee further future development. The Polish area of construction remains the primary market for the activity with possible expansion into Eastern markets taken broadly. The Company’s functioning there will be based on the existing and improved competences of the Company in the role of an organiser, contractor and subcontractor of investment projects.  For this purpose the Company aims at utilising the coordinated resources of the ABM Solid Capital Group. The Company will do some research in order to win trade and financial partners for creating day-to-day and strategic alliances as well as will consider an additional issue of shares to obtain capital for development.