Public offer

On June 28th 2008 during Annual Meeting ABM SOLID S.A. stock holders has decided about raising share capital through issuing 1.750.000 stocks of H series. Contemporarily it was decided to issue and offer on the market in Warsaw Stock Exchange 1.545.000 stocks of G series.

On June 20th 2007, Polish Financial Supervision Authority, approved registration documents for the stocks of ABM SOLID S.A., and on June 25th 2007 it has approved offer documents of ABM SOLID S.A. which together with registration documents has been a part of the issuance prospectus, created as a set of the documents issued in connection with public offer.

Public offer has been done from July 6th 2007 to July 16th 2007.

On July 11th 2007 with the agreement of the KBC Securities, who run the offer, and also as the result of the demand book building process, Board of Directors has made the resolution in which it was set up the final amount on the Individual Investor Trench on 503.819 stocks of H series, and Institutional Investor Trench on 1.176.181 stocks of H series and Dedicated Trench on 70.000 stocks of H series. Issuing price has been set up on 29,50 zł per stock.

Total value of the subscription was 51.625.000 zł.