The history of ABM SOLID dates back to 1991 when "EXBUD-20" company was set up. It was a member of the EXBUD SA Capital Group. At the beginning, the Company was primarily involved in trading operations and in 1993 it began construction activity as a substitute investor and sub-contractor. The present management of the Company, headed by Mr. Marek Pawlik, CEO and the major shareholder in ABM SOLID SA, purchased the shares in the company from EXBUD S.A. in 1998. Since that time, the Company has been operating as an independent entity called ABM SOLID.

ABM SOLID SA has been involved in gradually larger and more complex construction contracts, from standard warehouses in the field of industrial structures to complex technological facilities in the area of environmental protection and power generation as well as construction of industrial plants with assembly of technological lines.

The Company started to expand its operations into new areas of the construction market by way of acquiring interest or setting up companies, such as EXBUD Dębno in 1994 and HYDRO SOLID in 1999, which now function as autonomous divisions of ABM SOLID SA. In 2000 ABM SOLID  SA acquired Agromex, which subsequently changed its name into BIO SOLID Ltd.. Since 2003 ABM SOLID SA has been a shareholder in RESBUD SA. In 2007 ABM SOLID has increased its share of stocks to over 50% of stocks in the company. In 2006 ABM SOLID SA set up the ABM INVEST Ltd. developer company, and in 2007 set up the ABM INVEST TARNÓW Ltd. developer company. In October 2007 ABM SOLID SA bought out 100% of shares in PPU TRANS-ENERGO SA in Radom, and in December 2007, 100% of shares in ZUP RES-ALMET Ltd. in Rzeszów. Moreover, in December 2007 ABM SOLID SA bought out an organised part of the company under the name WKS Grybów, which is presently a division of ABM SOLID SA. In June 2008 a new company ABM WSCHÓD Ltd. has been set up, whose aim is to provide wide range of construction services in Eastern Europe countries. On December 31st  in 2008 ABM SOLID S.A. registered a merger of AMB SOLID S.A. (the receiveing company) and RES-ALMET Ltd. (the company being acquired). In the ABM SOLID S.A. organisational structure the company functions as a division under the name of RESALMET Rzeszów. In December 2009 the company ABM SILESIA Lt. Was established whose aim is to conduct broader construction activities in the areas of Upper and Lower Silesia. In 2010 the following companies joined the Capital Group:  WPRM Ltd. with its seat in Wągrowiec conducting the business of construction and repair of bridges, and the production of prefabricated road-bridge products used for roads, railways and energy; TRANSRES Ltd. with its seat in Rzeszów, operating in the transport and rental of machinery and equipment, and PRIB Ltd. with its seat in Olsztyn, operating in roads and bridges construction as well as sewer and water networks and treatment plants. On December 23th 2010 ABM SOLID SA acquired Elementy Budowlane Radymno Ltd., with its seat in Radymno operating in the business of concrete elements production. Furthermore, in December the company ABM BIOGAZ Ltd. was established with its seat in Tarnów operating in the business of construction and exploitation of biogas plants. In April 2011 the majority stake package of Biogaz Energetyka Polska Group Ltd. with its seat in Warszawa and operating in the business of construction and exploitation of biogas plants was acquired.

In addition, the capital structure of the group has been rearranged as well due to restructuring requirements and at present, apart from the parent-company, the following companies operate within the capital group: PRIB Ltd, EB Radymno Ltd, ABM Invest Tarnów Ltd and Trans Solid Ltd.